About Sky Monkey and the Monkeys

About those flying Monkeys. Started in 2016 with a new trike design specially for long pilots, like the founder Robbin.

The Sky Monkeys took off. After flying different trikes that were not suttible for long pilots Robbin took it upon himself to build the ultimate comfort trike ”The Gorilla” This comfort is implemendted in the whole lineup for the ultimate flying experience. 

Currently the Monkeys are working on the web jungle we call website. We will keep you updated about the progress. Until that’s done, browse around and enjoy.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


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This is the headquarters van SkyMonkey Paramotors

SkyMonkey Paramotors, De fliert 9 3791PV Achterveld Netherlands

Open: 9 AM / 20 PM

Phone: +31615097275


Filip Peremans is a paramotor enthusiast who uses the SkyMonkey paramotors in his company. This makes him a perfect dealer for Belguim


Filip Peremans, Hoogstadestraat 72, 8690 Hoogstade Belgium

Open: 9 AM / 20 PM

Phone +31630887631


Bastian Benjamin Brüsecke is a film maker and a paramotor pilot. Those two elements create a perfect couple. Using the paramotor for making amazing shots.

Bastian is in charge of the dealership in Germany

Bastian Benjamin Brüsecke Rüschhausweg 107 48161 Münster Germany

Open: 9 AM / 20 PM

Phone +4916094633963


SkyMonkey Paramotors dealership in the UK

Keith Maude, Ipswich United Kingdom

Open: 9 AM / 20 PM

Phone +31630887631


Spare parts.


Check out our gallery for the best flying pictures and adventures. All made by our monkeys with out monkeys. But who are they? See the line up of our pack of monkeys.

Founder: Robbin van Herwaarden

Engineer and Constructor

Frans Grizell

Engineer and Constructor

Bastian Benjamin Brüsecke

Test pilot and Dealer Germany

Jilles Slingerland

Test pilot and Slalom championship rider
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De fliert 9, Achterveld The Netherlands




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