Our Mission

At Sky Monkey we believe that flying comfortably should be the standard. Our team has flown quite a few paramotors and trikes. Often we did not ‘feel the feel’, if that makes any sense. We also experienced a lack of safety which is crucial when flying on your own. So we started drawing our own paramotor. Two years later the Sky Monkey Gorilla is here. It’s the first but definitely not the last model we will make. We plan on using the same frame with different engines and other innovative solutions. Don’t hesitate to sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be the first to see what we are up to! Greetings The Monkeys


Our Monkeys


Robbin, founder

The crazy guy who was crazy enough to start this project. He started Sky Monkey and is unstoppable if it comes to flying.


Eric, test pilot.

The guy with more than 25 years of flying experience. Started with skydiving then paragliding and then in to the air with paramotors. He knows what he wants in a paramotor and for sure knows what he doesn’t want in one.



Kevin, The It Guy

If you screw around with Kevin he will give you digital nightmare.
He does all the internet work. He does not care if it is a phone or a PC, he will fix it.



Is the Papa Smurf of the gang, He is our ”go to problem guy” if you don’t know or have a problem he will have an idea how to fix it.


Joop, Painter

Or Joopio for close friends, he will give everything a nice drop of paint. He is spray painting stuff since he was 9 years old. Taught by his father and he took it to a different level. If you want your trike in a different color, he will make it happen.

Want to join our team? Send us an email with your skills.

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