Bonobo, fit your engine and fly.

Bonobo compacht
Bonobo standard
Bonobo traveler
Bonobo duo

The new lightweight Bonobo is the small upgrade for your trike. if you want to fly in zero wind then don’t want to run as an racehorse, this is the way to go. Easy put together in less then 5 minutes, this includes placing and connecting your engine.

  • 9.9 kilos (small wheel version compact)
  • wide wheelbase
  • fiberglass axel
  • frond brake optional
  • bag optional (airplane approved)
  • small fold able
  • line holders for on cage
  • big wheel optional for more weigt distribution
The Bonobo standart is the basic Bonobo. including. normal 12cm wide tyres, one seat, 160 cm wide, non foldeble, easy removeble axels. starting at €1124,19,-

Go Camping with the Bobobo Traveler

  • Go camping and take al you stuff
  • 12cm wide wheel, option to 16 tundra wheels.
  • bag seat icluded, can also be used for tandem when you order the tandem footrest.
  • optional diskbreak
  • quick conections inc
  • line holders inc
  • bag for trike optional
  • base price from €1316,17,-

Bonobo Duo, make your flight even better with a friend.

Image Image
  • Inc tandem seat and footrest
  • Can be flown solo or duo
  • Diskbreak optional
  • Tundra tyres optional. standart with 12cm wide tyres
  • Inc qick conection made for your engine.
  • standart weight, 22 kg. With tundra tyres and diskbreak 24,5 kg
  • custom color, harness, spreader bar and tandem bar optional.
  • Base price starting at € 1278.39,-

Easy remvoveble axels and light balanved frame to cary in one hand.


Flying with you best buddy (or lady of course) was never so easy and cosy.