We at sky Monkey prefer different type of wings and accessories. Here you will find them and the option to order them in the shop on the website, click here to go to the shop .

We at Sky Monkey believe that for a good flight a trike is just the half of it. A good wing is the other half. After a lot of flying with different wings, two came out best. Ozone Sirocco 33 and the Independence T-Fighter 26. Both have great specs and fly very nice. email us for prices. with or without trike.

The T-Fighter 26 is the best wing to Fly with all the Monkey’s. And with this wing you don’t need an A-Assist System. Sit back, full throttle, and off you go. fly in comfort with the SMCS. Its also possible to order your T-Fighter in custom colors, Just email the Monkey’s HQ

HOLD UP, not into the air jet, We care about your safety so we always fly with a reserve. In our opinion the reserves from independence are good. well packed and light. And last but not least, you will hit the earth like a feather, well, we hope